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Property Management System

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The property management system is in two categories;

• Designed to manage real estate that is rental homes/houses e.g one bedroom, bedsitter etc.

• Designed mainly for the co-operate sector and is designed for the management of a building space. It helps property managers to allocate or reallocate space on building floors.

The main attributes of both the systems include;

¤ billing and invoicing module,

¤ property and landlord registration modules,

¤tenants and lease registration,

¤tracking module plus a

¤comprehensive property search module which provide the user a detailed interface to search for occupied or rented property, search by location, search by type of the property or search by the size of the property.

¤It also has complaints, maintenance and inspection modules which assists in tracking of maintenance done complaints registered and inspections done on the property. lastly it has a variety of reports to assist in the management process.




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